Marek Číhal, b. 1986
Lives and works in Prague and Berlin

2007 – 2013 MFA, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (AVU), Czech Republic
(Studio of Painting II / Doc. Vladimir Skrepl)
2010 Studio Althea Thauberger
2011 Studio Silke Otto Knapp
2012 Studio Florian Pumhösl2012 – 2013 University of Art in Berlin, Germany
(Studio of painting / Thomas Zipp)
2007 – 2009 Faculty of Fine Arts, Technical University in Brno, Czech Republic
(Studio of Intermedia Arts/ Vaclav Stratil)
Solo Shows:

2013 – “Moon Art”, Patricia Milano Gallery, Milan, Italy
2012 – “26.12”, MOMA Bejing and The Embassy of the Czech Republic, People’s Republic China
2012 – “Silver”, Central Bohemian Regional Gallery (GASK), Pilsen, Czech Republic
2011 – “Provincial Drawing Teacher”, 35m2 Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2011 – “Expressionist Video”, Gnomo Cinema, Milan, Italy
2011 – “If You Invite Me”, Youth Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic
2010 – “Morantarantula”, Electro House, Hamburg, Germany
Selected Group Shows:

2014 – „From the Landscape to the Landscape“, Chambre à part, Prague, Czech Republic
2014 – “Times of Youth”, Times Art Museum, Bejing, People’s Republic of China
2013 – “Audacious Heart Paints with a Poetic Brush”, Zdeněk Sklenář Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2013 – “The Industrial Revolution”, cooperation of Zdeněk Sklenář Gallery and National Historic Landmark Vítkovice Lower Area, Ostrava, Czech Republic
2013 – “The Hair in Canibal-prophetic Soup of Dr. Emil Holub” with The International Bongo Bongo Brigade, NTK Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2012 – project “Prison: No Limits for Art”, DOX Contemporary Art Centre, Prague, Czech Republic
2012 – “The International Bongo Bongo Brigade”, Château de Servières, Marseille, France
2012 – “Read it Read it”, Gallery NoD, Prague, Czech Republic
2011 – “Behind the Spines of Books I Haven’t Read”, Belvedere Hvezda, Prague, Czech Republic
2011 – “The International Bongo Bongo Brigade meets the Haffners” , Haffner Gallery, Innsbruck, Austria
2011 – Scooter III – The Biennale of Young Art, Galéria Jána Koniarka, Trnava and the Eastern Slovakian Gallery, Košice, Slovakia
2011 – “The International Bongo Bongo Brigade MeetFactory, Prague, Czech Republic
2010 – “The International Bongo Bongo Brigade – Queen Loser”, Silwex House, London, UK
2010 – “Concepto Grosso”, Barcsay-terem, Budapest, Hungary
Grants and awards:

2013 – Jan Světlík Award for young artists
2012 – Nomination for Zlín Salon of Youth, a prize for young Czech and Slovak visual artists
2010 – The Audience Choice Prize at the finalists’ exhibition for the Critic’s Award for Young Painters, Gallery of Critics, Prague